Monday, October 2, 2017

Building A Good Landing Page

A landing page is a single paged website that advertises your app or platform.  A good looking landing page is key to attracting customers by showing off the features of your project.

Here are some examples of landing pages by local startups:

Jyve, (ICAT Spring 2015, Harbor Entrepreneurship Center Cohort 7), created using Twitter Bootstrap

Monotto, (ICAT Fall 2015), contracted to 3rd party

Hot Plot, (ICAT Spring 2017), created with Wix

Wisdom Mothers, (ICAT Spring 2017), created with Squarespace

Green Blox, (Harbor Entrepreneurship Cohort 8), created with Wix

Dynepic, Ionic, Google Analytics

Collective Force, (Harbor Entrepreneurship Cohort 8),  Wordpress

What's Your Secret Sauce, (Pitch Breakfast pitch),  Built with Page Cloud.

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