Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Adding QR Codes To Flyers

A popular and effective way to advertise your app is with flyers.  Some flyers simply have a description of your company and some text saying "download at mysite.com".  However, many people may overlook your site simply because they don't feel like manually typing in your app's url or searching it on the App Store.  Luckily, there exists and alternative- QR codes.  It is possible to add a QR code that potential users can scan with their phones to visit your website.

QRCode Monkey offers a free QR code generator that lets your customize the color and style of your QR code link, as well as the ability to put a logo inside the code.  This lets your flyer catch the eye of users and make them more likely to download your app.

Here is an example of a QR code made with the website mentioned above.  Txtra is a company created in ICAT last semester.

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