Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Software Architectures

Software architecture refers to the structure of a software system.  A system's structure is made of multiple components, such as a Database,  Client, or a Business Logic Layer.

3 Tier Architecture is often used in developing Web and Mobile Apps.
  • Presentation Tier:  This includes what users see when they open your app or site, often called the front-end.  For Mobile Apps, this tier is coded usually with Android Studio, Objective-C, Swift, or a hybrid app software.  For Web Apps, this layer could be made with Ruby, HTMLJava, C#, and others.

  • Application Tier: This tier is also called the Business Logic layer, and involves behind the scenes calculations that users can't see.  Complex algorithms are put on this layer, as your server can process these calculations much faster than an user's phone can.  This layer exists on your company's server, a place where you hold web pages, files, data, and algorithms.  Some servers and hosting sites include AWS, Godaddy, Firebase, and x10Hosting.

  • Data Tier: A database layer is a place where data about users is stored.  A server's database is similar to a big Excel page that communicates with the application tier to share data.  Some servers come with included databases such as MySQL.  Other database languages include SQL or MongoDB.

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